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The following organisations share our principles of transparency, accountability and sustainability, and therefore we have partnered with them to provide services to people in need. They have delivered services to communities in South Africa for the past 80 years, and we are proud to partner with them:

Children living abroad, decreasing body forces, unsafe environments, pensions that do not keep up with rising costs … This is the circumstance of many older members. The Our Home Group provides a safe harbor for about 500 people in this boat.

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Since the inception of the first school in 1954, the Institute has been supporting the schools financially and enabling thousands of children with disabilities to receive education of an exceptional quality. These children come from all over the country and many of them reside in the hostels at the schools. There are 1 794 learners at this stage (white 54,41%, black 40,75%, other 4,84%).

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Since 1948 we have been changing lives, by growing the potential of all vulnerable children, families and communities. At least 54,000 people benefited from our services during the past year. We believe in the potential of every individual to become the best that they can be with what they have.

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Our goal is to help our children develop physically, emotionally and socially. All children deserve the opportunity to grow up in a normal family environment surrounded with love and support.

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We allow you to donate to a specific project, as much or as little as you like.

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