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Disaster Fund

01 March 2019
TO: MRCC Congregations; Circuits; Organs of Support; Individual members

Dear colleagues,

You are hereby notified of the disaster that befell Rev Jan Mamabolo, an emeritus minister of the MRCC, who served at Mabopane as his last congregation. On Thursday, night, 21 February 2019, his house in Mamelodi, Pretoria burnt down, with everything inside completely destroyed. Fortunately, there was no one inside the house when it burnt down.

The Moderature had an emergency meeting on Wednesday night to discuss the disaster. It was agreed that there was a need to have a central bank account for donations to be deposited. After consultation with Bethesda circuit commission, it was decided that Bethesda Circuit will take responsibility of collecting and distributing the funds, as well as reporting to the Moderature on developments.

The MRCC Family is therefore requested to donate to the Mamabolo Disaster Fund. Congregations, circuits, organs of support and individual members are called upon to make donations into the following bank account:

Bethesda Circuit – ABSA – 4061 366 776.

Please use the following reference for easy bookkeeping: MAMJ + your name or congregation or circuit.

Circuit commissions are encouraged to communicate and lead this process for easy control. Donations will be expected from 1 March 2019 – 30 April 2019.

Let us all unite and assist this servant of God, who retired on 31 January 2019 as minister of religion at Mabopane MRCC congregation.

Blessed is the hand that gives!

Thanking you in advance for your understanding,

Yours faithfully

072 519 2677
E-mail: mrcc@nhk.co.za


The Working Group for Child Care and RATA Social Services of the Netherdutch Reformed Church’s Diaconate are extremely grateful to every congregation for their help with and donations to the annual schoolbag project. The year 2018 is fast drawing to a close and many grade ones who are starting “big school” in 2019 already know which school they will be attending. That is why we again request your attention to this project.

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The project is aimed at helping prospective grade R and grade one children who are in need to be ready to start learning when they enter their school in January 2019. Every parent knows that it is an expensive undertaking to get all the necessary supplies together.
The Working Group for Child Care, in conjunction with RATA Social Services and WeBenefit, wishes to invite congregations once more to help us with this project, by means of the following actions:

1. Congregations can consider collecting special offerings at their Christmas services which can be deposited in the account indicated below. The Working Group then purchases schoolbags with the full content via WeBenefit. (Collect as many R330 amounts as possible.)
2. Congregations can also make a donation from their charity funds and deposit it, or make the purchases via the WeBenefit website.
3. Every congregation can work with their own presbyterial executive and make the schoolbags a Christmas gift to those in need in the specific circuit. Schoolbags can also be purchased on the WeBenefit platform.
4. Contact your local RATA office so that we can assist you with the schoolbags. In this way we can also help congregations who cannot afford the contents of the schoolbags but who still want to address the need in their congregation or community. The information of the offices is available here: http://rata.org.za/contact/
The schoolbags are placed on the WeBenefit site under the name of Plesion, with a specific link to where congregations, offices, church members and individuals can order, pay directly and have the deliveries made to them directly: Webenefit/shop/

If you decide to work through RATA, you can place the order by e-mail at andries@rata.org.za and make an EFT to the bank account mentioned below, or you can place your order and make your payment on Plesion’s website at this link: https://plesion.org.za/product/skooltassie/. The schoolbags are delivered to RATA’s offices at Montana Congregation, and we distribute them.

Like in the past, we are sending the letter to congregations and offices with the request for participation in the expansion of WeBenefit. With the inclusion of WeBenefit we are increasing the possibility that congregations and communities outside RATA’s field of activity will also have the opportunity to participate in the project.

Contact Andries Pretorius at 081 466 8691 or andries@webenefit.co.za for any enquiries or assistance with WeBenefit.

The Working Group will again include the Bible books in the schoolbags. If you make a purchase from the platform and have it delivered to you, you can obtain the books from the Bible Society and place them in the schoolbags before you distribute the bags.

Thank you so much for every contribution. Together we can bring joy to many children and give them hope for the future.

We would prefer to give the schoolbags as Christmas presents, and we therefore ask that you place your orders and deposit your donations as soon as possible.

The banking details are as follows:
Plesion NPC
Account number: 112 732 1897
Branch code: 160 445
Reference: BAG + your name (or name of the congregation)
Please send the proof of payment to andries@plesion.org.za.

With best wishes

Rev Frikkie van Wyk
Chairman: NHKA Diaconate Working Group: Child Care
012 322 8885 x3109

Light for a Child

You are the light of the world

Our children need light in this dark world. Light brings hope, and hope brings life. But this light can’t be on the one moment and off the next – a child needs the light of safety, caring and help every day.

What can you do?

Light a candle or switch on a light and keep it burning. This shows that sustainable help to children is important to you.

Let the Light of Christ shine on the children that come your way – through your words and actions.

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We currently assist:

Light for a Child is a joint project of:

Rata: Registered social services

The DPS: Deaconal Foster Care System

TOIBO: Institute for Special Education

Plesion: Sustainable funding for charity


Make a donation and let the light shine!

Debit order: Provide sustainable help for a child for as little as R50 per month.

Debit order form download: Download, fill in and send it back to us.

EFT – banking details: Our banking details to make an electronic payment to our account.


(For a debit order of R50 or more per month, you get a free set of 3 LED-candles)


Contact us:

012 322 8885 x 3109

info@pro21.co.zaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.“>


This letter is in support of Mr. Ernest Royeppen, who has been accepted for graduate study in our Jazz Studies Program for the coming fall. I feel well qualified to write this letter, because I know Mr. Royeppen’s academic credentials and his musical ability well.


To whom can we be neighbours charitable work on the basis of the parable of the Good Samaritan


Vir wie kan ons ‘n naaste wees-barmhartigheid volgens die gelykenis van die Barmhartige Samaritaan


Go Turquoise for the Elderly

Did you know?

  • Currently there are just over 2.75 million elderly persons (65+ years of age) in our country, of which 1 million are already over the age of 75.
  • The popoulation of the whole world, including South Africa, is getting older than before and therefore the number of older persons are set to increase dramatically in the near future.
  • Only a small number of older persons will get housing and care in old age homes or other places of care.
  • The responsibility of caring for the elderly already rests on the shoulders of the community and in the future even more so.
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South African situation

In line with the Older Persons Act, Act 13 of 2006, communities must shoulder the biggest responsiblity for the wellness of the elderly. Unfortunately our communities are not geared to this task. South Africans will have to learn to treat the elderly with respect, love, patience and humanity. A new awareness will have to be created about the plight of the elderly and what individuals, families, organisations and society can do to make the world a better place for the elderly.


Awareness Campaign

For this purpose, Project 21 lauched a campaign entitled Go turquoise for the elderly running from 15 May (International Family Day) to 15 June (World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day).

All South Africans are therefore requested to Go Turquoise 4 the Elderly from 15 May to 15 June by wearing turquoise coloured clothing and by displaying ribbons and other items in turquoise wherever possible.


More information

Please visit our website at www.goturquoise.co.za for more information or contact Magda van Deventer at 082 579 6966 orinfo@goturquoise.co.zaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”>.

Our Complete Projects

Drive for a Child Golf Day

Your drive of hope for abused children!

The Drive for a Child Golf Day takes place on the 28th of August at the Silverlakes Country Club. This golf day in aid of Rata Social Services is the perfect event for you and your friends or collegues to enjoy a day out on the golf course.  The aim of our Drive for a Child Golf day is to enable Rata Social Services to protect vulnerable children against all forms of abuse.

Help us to protect our children and book your place today.

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Local communities

The letter below from reverend Joel Mmako refers.

The Kekana Gardens congregation has completed most of the building work to the mission house. There is a few final refinements they wish to finish before Rev Mmako’s welcoming ceremony on 15 November 2014.

Most of the items they need to finish the house is listed below. The congregation will appreciate any assistance.

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Donate to a project

We allow you to donate to a specific project, as much or as little as you like.

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